Our Story

The Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies is the largest life and health insurance trade association in California. Our members are at the forefront of helping Californians meet their financial and retirement needs while also preparing for life’s unexpected challenges.

Founded by Occidental, Pacific Mutual and Cal-West life insurance companies in 1962, ACLHIC began as the Association of California Life Insurance Companies (ACLIC) based in Oakland with Executive Vice President, Lewis Keller. Under Mr. Keller’s leadership, ACLIC began to grow and became instrumental in highlighting the economic and social contributions of the insurance industry to the State of California. To this day, valuable studies of the industry’s impact commissioned by Mr. Keller are still in use and regularly updated.

In 1966 when the California State Legislature transitioned to a full-time institution, the association moved to Sacramento and continued its growth. By 1995, to reflect the growing membership and increased attention paid to health and disability insurance issues under the leadership of President and CEO Brad Wenger, the association was renamed the Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies (ACLHIC). As President and CEO for nearly three decades, Mr. Wenger helped tackle new issues brought on by changing technology and innovative best practice across the insurance industry. Genetic testing, principle-based reserving and life settlements were all key areas where Mr. Wenger helped mold and shape public policy.

Under the leadership of current President and CEO John Shirikian, ACLHIC continues to build upon these achievements while also expanding both ACLHIC’s membership and impact. Furthermore, having identified the increased need to engage on issues such as climate change, social equity and economic empowerment, Mr. Shirikian has positioned ACLHIC as a trusted voice for thoughtful and productive private sector partnership with the State of California.