Political Corner

For nearly six decades, ACLHIC has maintained a presence in Sacramento by supporting California’s electoral process and qualified candidates for office.  The necessity to maintain that presence has never been greater, as California and the nation continue to adapt and modify business practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ACLHIC has three separate committee accounts that members can contribute to: ACLHICPAC, DPAC, and Issues Committee accounts. ACLHIC PAC and DPAC are candidate funds, while Issues Committee is used for support/opposition campaigns for ballot initiatives, which play a significant role in California’s political process. The contribution limits for 2021 are $8,100 for both ACLHICPAC and DPAC (an increase from $7,800 in 2020), while contributions to the Issues Committee are not limited. Corporate funds may be contributed to any of these accounts.

As an adjunct to our PAC program, ACLHIC has established a separate association fund to respond to the various charitable contribution requests we receive. The fund currently falls under the umbrella of ACLHIC’s 501c6 non-profit corporation and is used exclusively for supporting the efforts of 501c3 charitable organizations. This fund is entirely unrelated to ACLHIC’s other committees and cannot be used to support/oppose candidates in any manner.

 For more information on how to contribute or to receive an official invoice, please email Matt Akin.



John Shirikian (ACLHIC)

Board Members:

Jennifer Webb (Pacific Life)

Meggan Conner (The Hartford)

Brian Pleva (Northwestern Mutual)



Steffanie Watkins (ACLHIC)

Board Members:

Andrew Kiefer (Blue Shield)

Michael Prosio (Anthem)

Michael Hickey (Aflac)